Building envelope intelligence

The BUILDING ENVELOPE INTELLIGENCE to enhance energy efficiency, wellbeing, facade health practices for office management

Elisya is an integrated management system for facades and installations which, through the data detected by sensors on the envelope, acts to improve the energy efficiency of the building and the well-being of the users.
24 °C
32 db
411 lux
46 %
580 CO2
and more...
Its sensors collect and process data through advanced algorithms, allowing the performance of the envelope and systems to be optimized in real time, and creating the best conditions of comfort in indoor environments.
Thanks to a data-based systemic approach, the integrated management of facades and plants is the key to improving energy efficiency, user comfort and well-being, and to keeping the building envelope in good health
Not only energy efficiency
Reducing utilities affects 1% of costs. A comfortable environment has an impact on the cost of personnel, which represents 90% of the expense items.
Health and well-being
Increased productivity thanks to the attention paid to the well-being and health of the occupants *
Buildings that use the Elisya system for their facades obtain important advantages, not only in terms of efficiency but also in terms of the well-being of the occupants.
* Krekel, Christian, George Ward, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, "Employee Well-being, Productivity, and Firm Performance: Evidence and Case Studies.", 2019
Elisya for you
Elisya represents the necessary change to better enjoy environments and work spaces, through a comfort experience that adapts to your needs.
Building Owner
Building Owner
Elisya provides information on the state of health of the facade and its performance, to preserve the value of the property throughout the entire life cycle of the building.
Facility Manager
Facility Manager
Elisya monitors office spaces in real time to control energy consumption, bill costs and any anomalies detected in the environment.
Building User
Building User
Elisya offers users a high level of well-being, allowing them to adapt the thermal, visual and air quality conditions to their physical and mental comfort, for optimal working conditions.
Elisya tracks discomfort feedbacks by the users, enabling corrective actions that help improve corporate sentiment among the employees.
How it works
Phygital Intelligence
Elisya is based on a phygital approach, that is a new way of experiencing environments in which the boundaries between physical and digital space merge and create a hybrid model. The aim is to combine the best of the physical and digital worlds to offer a complete and satisfying customer experience.
Glazed façade
Hardware + Software
Building Management System
IoT technology for the façade
Plug & Play
Elisya's technology is non-invasive and can easily be applied to both new and existing facades.
The sensors are designed to adapt to the different types of facade.
Small size
The small dimension of the sensors allows for perfect architectural integration in the facade
Low consumption
The sensors optimize the collection and transmission of data, guaranteeing low energy consumption.
When IoT meets the building envelope
Internal brightness
Room humidity and temperature
Internal radiation and surface temperature
External brightness
Rain and noise
External humidity and temperature
Building Envelope Intelligence
Data Input
Integrated sensors embedded in the façade
User feedback
Data analysis and Artificial Intelligence
Output (alerts and automated actions)
Automated actions for thermal, visual and acoustic comfort
Alerts for users and faciliy managers
Energy Efficiency,
Monitor data and performance of the building in real time
Building user
The user is able to report the discomfort of his working area directly from his mobile phone
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Elisya offers users a high level of well-being, allowing them to adapt the thermal, visual and air quality conditions to their physical and mental comfort, for optimal working conditions.
Facility manager
The facility manager monitors the environmental data of the offices and receives reports on consumption and the results obtained.
Building owner
The building owner monitors the health of facade and the performance of his building and receives information related to its maintenance.
The HR Manager knows the feedback from employees on the comfort of the workspace.
The use of the Elisya system offers a whole series of advantages to the building and its occupants, including significant energy savings and an overall increase in well-being and comfort.
Heating/cooling management
Ventilation Management
Lighting Management
Energy saving
comfort improvement
Direct impacts
10 - 40 %
8 - 30 kWh/m2year
5 - 18 %
Hours of comfort
(UNI EN ISO 7730:2006)
Indirect impacts
CO2 emission saving, Cost saving , Productivity increase , Sick days rate decrease

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