The new nZEB building of the Polytechnic University of Milan

Project Specs

  • Location: Milano
  • Client: Politecnico di Milano
  • Contractor: AR. CO. Lavori
  • Completed 2024



The EN: LAB building features high energy performance (nZEB) thanks to its insulating envelope. According to the project specifications, the Focchi Group constructed a mullion and transom facade system with both pressure plate and cover cap systems, as well as a point-fixed system called toggle. The Double Glazed Unit (DGU), with argon-filled cavities and low-emissivity coating, is equipped (on the south side) with an integrated shading system (venetian blinds).

The building is characterized by the following types of facade:

  • Inclined facade
  • Vertical facade
  • Skylights
  • Projecting windows integrated into the facade
Additionally, the facade contributes to the building's energy efficiency thanks to Elisya. Through the data collected by sensors integrated into the facade, it acts to improve performance and the well-being of its users.

Live Project

The new EN: LAB building of the Politecnico di Milano has taken shape within the La Masa Campus on Via Lambruschini. This structure, that houses the university's Department of Energy, spans four levels and includes offices, classrooms, multifunctional laboratories, and specific spaces for the electrochemistry department.

The building is characterized by extremely high energy performance, with an almost zero energy requirement (nZEB), ensured by an insulating envelope. Inside, there are additional systems that guarantee low energy consumption: controlled mechanical ventilation for heat recovery, high air tightness, and significant thermal inertia.

The inclined façade, covered with solar panels, maximizes solar exposure throughout all seasons. At the rear, an elegant and modern modular façade harmoniously integrates into a well-maintained green setting, with lush lawns and a pleasant woodland.