Planning is essential.

Our process is based on communication. A flow of information sharing between all departments is essential to satisfy our client's and architect’s needs. Every project is the result of a committed team whose work pursues the design intent in every phase of the process, from the material purchase to the bespoke research of the façade system, to its manufacturing and installation at the building site.
Planning is essential.
Engineering architectural ambitions

Our Estimating Department already carries out a meticulous cost estimate during the tender phase through a thorough design intent and the project specifications analysis.

Through PCSA (Pre - Construction Services Agreement) and DA (Design Assist), we offer our clients technical support while verifying feasibility, risks, and costs of the project to identify the best value facade system.

Each facade system is subjected to thermal analysis so that the best combination of materials with the lowest heat transmittance is chosen, so we can submit a highly performing product that meets the parameters indicated by the client.

If the project requires it, during this first evaluation phase the Estimating Department will deal with our in-house BIM experts, thus guaranteeing further efficiency in the project management and allowing interoperability, information sharing, and cost and time optimization.

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