SoulFaces - People behind Details

Brand Film Awards 2022 Shortlist Announced and Focchi Group is on it!

As we always say, we live for challenges.

A new one is coming, and it is absolutely odd for a company designing and producing curtain wall systems. Well, even if our core business is the one aforementioned, our value is our people.
We celebrated their passion through a Brand Film and it is shortlisted for the 6th edition of the Brand Film Awards in London. Two categories (internal and foreign languages) and two fingers crossed!

However, maybe it is time to share with you all what SoulFaces - People behind Details is.

Soulfaces – People behind Details is a brand film about the Focchi Group, sharing who we are and how we work.

We chose “SoulFaces” because we thought no words could describe us better. The word soul introduces this neologism we created to enhance our essence: the faces, the people who are making our company great.
This brand film wants to celebrate our everyday heroes and their dedication, which is the intangible value of what makes our work successful. Our core business is the architectural building envelope, so the word SoulFaces has been the perfect homophony of the many surfaces we create.

This brand film is a transposition of the vision that Maurizio Focchi shares with his employees, and which is based on 4 pillars: the beauty of architecture, culture and relationships, the quality of our work, and the future.

Our employees are the perfect main characters of our story. Everyday heroes fighting against the challenges of architectural engineering when pursuing beauty. Every Batman has his Robin, and suppliers, clients and architects are your best supporters when you base your work on relationships as we do.
The entire narration is a journey touching these 4 pillars. We celebrate beauty already in the very first frames of the film, from the raw material to the final product to make it tangible. To enhance the idea of beauty, we shot some scenes in a museum.
The importance of the relationships with our partners is expressed over and over, but also at an internal communication level putting the stress on the teamwork as an essential pattern.
The quality of our work is the detail architecture we pursue at each phase of the design, manufacture, and installation of our curtain walls. This brand film shows what really makes us different: a never-ending quest for innovation.
Innovation is the future, and every frame of this film is a tribute to the future, as the film itself.