Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

From the founders’ earliest collaboration at university to now, more than 30 years later, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris has been based on a firm commitment to the design of buildings of economy, elegance and delight: buildings that reflect a continuing belief in the ability of outstanding architecture to last through time; buildings whose success is defined not just by the use for which they were commissioned, but by their ability to adapt to different uses; buildings that aim to make a positive and lasting contribution to the city around them; buildings that form the backdrop to the city and the theatre of everyday life, but that can be, in themselves, extraordinary.

The principal focus of the practice, therefore, has been the design of everyday buildings in the city. It is their belief that such buildings can, through intelligent design and a professional methodology, be made extraordinary.

More than 30 years on the field have strengthened their fundamental principles:

  • the work should be driven by a strategic approach to design which recognises that changes in circumstance and context, both during the design and during the life of the building, are inevitable
  • the work should address and enhance its relationship with both the public it serves and the public spaces that surround it, not least by bringing visual delight
  • the work should do more with less; set the best standards of design, regardless of cost or programme; and be open-minded, generous of spirit and ever optimistic
  • the focus is architecture – and the endless testing of the boundaries of its application.
Bennetts Associates Architects
Bennetts Associates Architects

Bennetts Associates, with offices in London, Manchester and Edinburgh, is one of UK’s leading architectural practices, with a reputation for design, delivery and sustainability across a wide range of sectors and architectural classifications.

A strong team ethic and methodical approach to design has earned the firm over 150 awards for many design works across Europe. The firm was founded by Rab Bennetts and his partner Denise Bennetts in 1987. Rab Bennetts takes a personal, hands-on approach and collaborative spirit with each project, playing an active role in the firm’s multitude of design projects and construction.

S3 King's Cross - 1 Keskidee Square

S3 King's Cross - 1 Keskidee Square

Designed as one of the final pieces of the King’s Cross Central masterplan

Project Specs

  • Location: London
  • Client: King's Cross Central Limited Partnership
  • Contractor: BAM Construction
  • Status: completed 2023



S3 King's Cross - 1 Keskidee Square


Unitized curtain wall system with glazed infills, extruded terracotta bespoke colour, projecting vertical aluminum fins.

Unitized curtain wall system with metal spandrel panels and vertical aluminum fins.

DGU toggle fixed aluminum stick curtain wall system with horizontal and vertical insulated pressed aluminium infill panels, horizontal extruded sunshading system.

Prefabricated unitized panels forming punched windows within precast concrete cladding.

Rainscreen metal cladding with flat aluminum metal panels.

Designed by

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
Bennetts Associates Architects

Live Project

This nine-storey mixed use building fulfils an important civic role due to its prominence on two key new public realm spaces, Keskidee and Chilton Squares.

The massing is broken into three distinct blocks which create an architectural expression clearly responding to the surrounding context.

A series of stepped terraces allows natural light to Chilton Square while a setback along Canal Reach responds to the natural curvature of the site. At street level, the office entrance activates Keskidee Square and mixed retail usage engages with the wider public realm. The facade is a refined assembly of sculpted terracotta sitting atop a heavily expressed concrete plinth. The nine floors of office space are designed as warehouse-like floorplates offering maximum volume, natural light and extensive external amenity. A combination of active and passive measures results in a highly sustainable building, targeting a minimum BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating.