Torri dell'Eur

Torri dell'Eur

A project with large outdoor areas and green spaces that connects to the city, establishing a more responsible relationship with the environment

Project Specs

  • Location: Rome
  • Client: Alfiere Spa
  • General Contractor: Carron Costruzioni Generali
  • Status: ongoing


Torri dell'Eur


Unitized façades with fixed and opening glazing, integrated with travertine marble vertical fins and painted steel horizontal sun-shading system
Ventilated façade consisting of stainless-steel substructure covered with travertine marble mechanically fixed
Pressure plate stick system with high performance DGU
Freestanding glazed balustrades with laminated glass
EI120 fire rated stick and ribboned façades

Important redevelopment of a five buildings scheme, three towers, and two low buildings, designed in the 1960s. An overall renovation that involves over 63,000 square meters of gross surface area.

The Torri Dell’Eur are situated in the iconic location of the Eur district of Rome and they are designed to enhance a historic development by converting it to modernity.

The fusion of large windows and stone cladding gives the project a luminous architecture that honors the tradition of the area, in a new logic of attention to important values such as quality of life and environmental protection. The project respects the original structure, but it is completed by a new high-performance building envelope, which complies with the most advanced international standards. The development is in fact accredited at the LEED Gold level and is the first in this area to activate the WELL Certified ™ and WiredScore certification.

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