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SimpsonHaugh and Partners
Since the practice was founded by Rachel Haugh and Ian Simpson in 1987, it has compiled an impressive portfolio of award-winning projects. It originated from a shared belief in the power of high quality design to lead the regeneration of post-industrial cities and initiate new contemporary architectural identities. Main themes are urban renewal, sustainability and design excellence with the aim of designing buildings and spaces that would be appropriate, inspirational and beautiful. While the success of its completed work and growing reputation for design integrity has allowed the practice to expand, Rachel and Ian remain personally involved in each project. Consequently, the inspiration in design and the attention to detail in construction that have stimulated the achievements of the practice so far will continue to guide its schemes in the future.
Vista River Gardens at Trinity Island

Vista River Gardens at Trinity Island

Vista River Gardens, the first of the four towers in the Trinity Island area, significantly contributes to the vibrancy and success of the St Johns area.

Project Specs


  • Location: Manchester
  • Client: Renaker Build Limited
  • Contractor: Renaker Build Limited
  • Status: ongoing


Vista River Gardens at Trinity Island


Unitised structurally silicone glazed system with fixed triple vision glazing, ceramic back painted vision panels, insulated metal panels or glass with inward side hung window with external perforated aluminium sheet.

On convex elevations there are vertical fins.

Double and Single Stick System with DGU and external aluminium fins

Designed by

SimpsonHaugh and Partners Architects

Live Project

The Trinity Island site is situated on the coast of the river Irwell, in Manchester. It comprises four residential towers with varying heights, ranging from 39 to 60 storeys, and includes a total of 1,950 new, high-quality apartments.

Located within the Trinity Island site, Vista River Gardens stands as a magnificent 55-storey building. The residential and commercial tower provides a panoramic view of the charming riverside scenery and the thriving cityscape.

The curved façades follow the natural curves of the river and site. In contrast, the slanted sides make the building looks thinner and create interesting patterns of light and shadow.

At the ground level, the tower is raised above a row of columns, creating spacious three-story covered walkways at the centre of the site. The lower floor is designed in a way that creates unique connected spaces and rooftop gardens, providing residents with a sense of immersion in the surrounding natural environment.

As part of its commitment to resident’s well-being, the tower offers a range of amenities, including home working space and social areas. The underground area hosts residents’ car parking, including EV charging facilities, while the ground floor accommodates commercial units. Additionally, dedicated cycle parking is available, along with amenities such as gyms, meeting rooms, business lounge and residents’ courtyards.

The building’s distinctive features include its textured appearance and anodized aluminium colours, setting it apart as unique and characterful landmarks in the city’s evolving landscape.