Circular Economy for Construction Industries

Project Specs

The objective of CE4Con is to develop a new range of services to support façade manufacturers in designing and production of items with recycled composite materials and with a lower impact on the environment. Overall, the platform-based services can help perform environmental assessments for sustainability evaluation and design more sustainable and circular building envelopes.

CE4Con will help organise a new and improved supply chain serving agile manufacturing needs, facilitating the matchmaking with the processing facilities and logistic services. Companies and suppliers can use it to optimise the recycling of production waste, facilitate disassembly and reduce the costs of product recycling. Furthermore, it can provide the possibility of offering waste with recyclable materials and publishing requests for it. These different options about components, materials, and services can be comparable inside the platform in an integrated assessment tool to support the design stages during the all life cycle of the module.



Empowering Circular Design: Integrated Platform-Based Services for Life-Cycle Support

CE4Con is based on the ReUse platform, implemented by Holonix, tested in the DigiPrime project and further enriched by KYKLOS 4.0 ecosystem, which enables the recycling of composite materials. The ReUse platform supports the whole value chain, creating matchmaking between the demand for new materials and the available offer of products to be recycled, while also informing about the technical properties of the new materials and processes for waste treatment. 

Furthermore, CE4Con will establish a business collaboration with MEZeroE and Metabuilding Labs platforms, both of which are already active in providing services to the construction sector.