Jeanne Gang about 40 Tenth Avenue - Solar Carve Tower

"Sculpting a Good Neighbor: New York’s Solar Carve Tower" from IGS MAGAZINE

"To achieve the design, our Studio Gang team worked closely with curtain wall manufacturer and engineer Focchi and structural engineer and façade consultant Arup to design and engineer two major custom curtain wall systems that are attached to the building’s reinforced concrete structure" Jeanne Gang states in this detailed article about the diamond-like building of the High Line.

Jeanne Gang is the founding principal of Studio Gang. Her work is internationally renowned for a design process that foregrounds the relationships between individuals, communities, and environments.

The portfolio of projects spans scales and typologies, expanding beyond architecture’s conventional boundaries to pursuits ranging from the development of stronger materials to fostering stronger communities. She uses innovative responses to issues of environmental and ecological sustainability, employing sustainable-design techniques—such as the use of recycled materials—to conserve resources, decrease urban sprawl, and increase biodiversity.

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