GBPA Architects was founded in 2005 by Antonio Gioli. Previous experience as project leader in some of the largest of Milan architectural firm, allows him to gain expertise in the field of renovation and new construction of properties, both in Italy and abroad. Later, Federica De Leva joined the practice, with her wealth of experience related to redevelopment and restoration interventions on historic and monumental buildings, creating today structure.

GBPA Architects boasts a strong international vocation working with success in China, India, Russia and Brazil, and in 2015 founded the GBPA UK Ltd based in London. The company operates on a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from new construction to the redevelopment of multifunctional buildings, from retail to the creation of innovative workspaces for the most important real estate investors and for leading fashion and luxury companies and brands.

The success of GBPA Architects is based on the work of a cohesive and motivated group that has discovered the pleasure of constantly reaching new goals together and facing the challenge of our time: the project must always be able to reinvent the physical space so that it can adapt to the constant and rapid change in the forms of perception, language, work and relationships of contemporary reality, without becoming rapidly obsolete.

Knowledge of the past, experience in the present, planning the future and working well together determine the philosophy of GBPA Architects.

Milanofiori U3 Building - BNP Paribas

Milanofiori U3 Building - BNP Paribas

A building that appears as a transparent volume, enclosed between two light wings

Project Specs

  • Location: Milan
  • Client: Milanofiori Sviluppo Srl
  • Integrated design and project coordination: General Planning
  • Status: completed - 2022
  • Ph. Piermario Ruggeri


Milanofiori U3 Building - BNP Paribas


Unitised structurally silicone glazed system with TGU glazing and external vertical glazed fins

Stick system façade at lower levels

Ventilated façade with aluminium panels

Designed by

GBPA Architects

Live Project

The U3 building is part of the "Milanofiori Nord" development, whose Masterplan was approved in 2005 by the Municipality of Assago.

The building, of about 11,000 square meters, consists of nine floors above the level of the existing raised square and two floors below, for the parking area.

As proposed by the original planovolumetric distribution, the building maintains the height of the adjacent buildings and takes a free inclination in the lot, in order to continue the visual effect of the open-closed visual cones and the full-empty alternation that already characterizes the existing buildings of the area.

This project appears as a transparent volume, enclosed between two light wings. On the highway, the front is narrow and towering; on the back, facing the green area, the front opens onto terraces and is designed to enjoy views of the park, the green heart of the Milanofiori Nord scheme. The north and south elevations, on the other hand, define the image of the building, which is characterized by a particular and lively effect, played by the refraction of light on the sunshades, differently oriented, in white screen-printed glass.

South elevation seems to be suspended, revealing the transparent rectangular volume, which strengthens the internal-external relationship. The reception, as a focal point of access, finds a central visual position thanks to the frame of two opaque wings.

The building meets the green building criteria for LEED GOLD certification.