New systemic approach to retrofitting that will include innovative components, processes and decision-making methodologies by innovating the nZEB renovation market

Project Specs

The purpose of RenoZEB concept is the development of an envelope system that could represent a solution for a wide refurbishment of the existing building stock market.



Plug&Play Façade

This modular prefabricated unit allows to integrate a significant range of components such as insulation materials, thermal break solution, innovative monobloc and window, different cladding system and renewable energy sources.

The RenoZEB methodology is divided in three different steps: 1) designing and configuring building demand flexibility models; 2) providing appropriate tools for analyzing the flexibility of energy demand and 3) define the detailed specifications for RenoZEB Building Performance Monitoring and Assessment model.

The RenoZEB façade allows to apply a modular with a high degree of customization for different building aesthetic solutions and functional integrations with the purpose to maximize the off-site manufacturing activity and to reduce the on-site operations. Moreover, it is capable to industrialize the product with consequence on the quality control and production optimization with a low intrusive system that allow to maintain users inside the building.
RenoZEB is a new system that can meet local regulatory framework and be adaptable to different climate conditions, building tolerances, energy needs.

Live Project

RenoZEB envelope system aims at providing a façade solution that could be tailor made case by case in line with building of reference, KPIs typical of the market, geo-cluster.

In this framework, the concept design should provide a solution adaptable to the different possibilities of application offering a standardized system able to include a range of components selected on the base of the specific building to be refurbished.

The role of Focchi is to engineer the multifunctional Plug&Play RenoZEB façade for manufacturing and testing activities to achieve the European standards on the prefabricated façade system.
The RenoZEB façade will be validated in three real case studies in Spain and Estonia.