High-Quality Data-Driven Services for a Digital Built Environment towards a Climate-Neutral Building Stock

Project Specs

The DigiBUILD project explores the potential of Digital Twin (DT) at the building scale. With a view to establishing a solid groundwork for a sustainable built environment, DigiBUILD develops an open, interoperable, and cloud-based toolbox to collect data and trigger data-driven approaches.

By exploiting the value of data collected from IoT sensors, the DT will enable innovative services for reducing energy consumption, improving comfort, and assuring user safety. In this perspective, building managers (e.g. facility managers, sustainable managers, human resources, etc.) can monitor building performance in real-time, carry out forecasting evaluations, and make decisions based on data.

The Focchi Headquarters, including both office and factory spaces, is used as a case study for the development of the Digital Twin (HE_ GA 101069658)



The Digital Twin

The sensors integrated into the building façade, environmental sensors, smart meters, and tracking systems will continuously feed the DT.

Building on the ongoing experiences within the EU policy framework, which aims to create an energy-efficient data space, this DT will be developed on standard cloud-data platform frameworks (FIWARE) and data space initiatives (Gaia-X and IDSA).

In addition to the advanced data governance framework, the DigiBUILD project will include AI-based analytics on high-quality data. The DigiBUILD project aims to bring DT technology to a complete and qualified level of technology readiness (TRL8).