SimpsonHaugh and Partners
SimpsonHaugh and Partners
Since the practice was founded by Rachel Haugh and Ian Simpson in 1987, it has compiled an impressive portfolio of award-winning projects. It originated from a shared belief in the power of high quality design to lead the regeneration of post-industrial cities and initiate new contemporary architectural identities. Main themes are urban renewal, sustainability and design excellence with the aim of designing buildings and spaces that would be appropriate, inspirational and beautiful. While the success of its completed work and growing reputation for design integrity has allowed the practice to expand, Rachel and Ian remain personally involved in each project. Consequently, the inspiration in design and the attention to detail in construction that have stimulated the achievements of the practice so far will continue to guide its schemes in the future.
The Blade

The Blade

The Blade: a new icon on Manchester skyline

Project Specs


  • Location: Manchester
  • Contractor: Renaker Build Limited
  • Year of completion: 2023
  • PH: Mike Dinsdale





The Blade


Tower: SSG units alternating triple glazing vision units, enamelled DGU spandrel panels with varied grey tones, anodised perforated aluminium purge vents. West and East elevations featuring light grey enamelling, North and South elevation featuring dark grey enamelling. Furthermore, South elevation integrates projecting horizontal and vertical aluminium fins.

Podium: toggle façade with external anodized fins and perforated sheet spandrel panels.

Designed by

SimpsonHaugh and Partners Architects

Live Project

Rising to a height of 154 meters (505 feet), The Blade stands as a 51-storey residential skyscraper in the vibrant city of Manchester. Located in the New Jackson neighbourhood, this building adorns the southern gateway to the city near Deansgate.

The Blade’s design presents a slender profile to the surrounding park, allowing the maximum amount of sunlight between the buildings into the public realm. This intentional arrangement enhances the overall aesthetics and livability of the space.

Elevating the concept of luxury living to new heights, the Blade offers a 5-star residential experience. Across three levels of amenities, residents find their wants and needs met with meticulous attention.

This building is part of a larger scheme, comprising three linked yet distinctly contrasting structures. Together, they create a gateway cluster on this key southern approach to the city.

The Blade represents a modern urban living, seamlessly blending architectural innovation with the essence of a thriving community.