Founded in 1986 in Aarhus, Denmark, by young architects Kim Herforth Nielsen, Lars Frank Nielsen, and Hans Peter Svendler Nielsen, the studio swiftly earned renown for crafting substantial structures with captivating aesthetics, supported by a strong theoretical foundation. This legacy remains integral to their contemporary endeavors as they disseminate 3XN's vision worldwide.

Today, the team comprises experienced project architects alongside gifted young design architects from more than 20 countries, embodying a global outlook while cherishing their Scandinavian heritage steeped in humanistic values. This blend empowers them to reimagine tradition while grappling with the compelling challenges of the 21st century.

In 2007, GXN was established as the innovation arm, gathering and leveraging cutting-edge insights on material behavior and emerging technologies for architectural applications.

GXN remains dedicated to its commitment to ecological and behavior-centric design research, constantly advancing digital processes and material innovations to foster architecture that positively impacts individuals and the environment.

Their research-centric approach serves as the bedrock for pushing the boundaries of both aesthetics and functionality. Building upon past achievements, each project serves as a platform for continual evolution and the refinement of expertise. By imbibing lessons from previous endeavors and applying newfound knowledge creatively, they consistently add enduring value to both their architectural creations and their practice as a whole.

2 Finsbury Avenue

2 Finsbury Avenue

A project that sets new standards for sustainable office design in central London

Project Specs

Location: London

Client: British Land

Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine

Status: ongoing



2 Finsbury Avenue


1_PODIUM, EAST TOWER, WEST TOWER_Unitised structurally silicone glazed system with a "sawtooth" shape. The units are composed of a double glazed vision areas with high performance solar control coatings, double glazed shadow box spandrel panels, and opaque panels, externally clad with aluminium presswork, either solid or perforated with a golden-sand coloured finish. Motorised purge vents incorporated behind perforated panels offer natural ventilation. The project is characterized by projecting metal elements, with external aluminium presswork panels,which diagonally cross the two towers at different inclinations, intersecting the units and providing a complex and interesting 3D geometry.

2_AMENITY_Areas with unitised structurally silicone glazed façade system. The Amenity areas are triangular in shape and develop on two floors, therefore the units on the upper floor are triangular or trapezoidal.

3_WINTERGARDEN_Structure on the tenth floor between the two East and West Towers, with a glazed Skylight formed of an aluminium stick system, onto a load-bearing laminated timber and steel substructure.

4_ROOF_Area with bespoke 1000 mm deep shaped aluminium sheet louvers.

5_GROUND FLOOR_Stick System with DGU vision glazing with solar control coating.

6_FLOOR 1 and 3_Complex shaped suspended aluminium soffit panels.


Designed by

3XN Architects
2 Finsbury Avenue is a cutting-edge development in London's financial district, designed with sustainability at its core. It comprises a 12-storey podium and 38 and 23 storey towers, with a focus on achieving BREEAM Outstanding and Net Zero Carbon certifications. The project incorporates forward-thinking environmental initiatives such as hybrid energy systems and circular economy principles, aiming to minimize carbon footprint both during construction and operation.
The building is also designed for flexibility and promotes collaboration with green spaces and terraces. Additionally, it enhances pedestrian connectivity and offers diverse retail and social amenities. Through innovative approaches, it achieves significant carbon reduction in construction while maximizing usable space. Overall, 2 Finsbury Avenue sets a new standard for sustainable office design in central London.

Visual Mock-up