INnovative polymer-based COmposite systeMs for high-efficient Energy Scavenging and Storage

Project Specs

InComEss aim is to develop an efficient smart material with energy harvesting and storage capabilities combining advanced polymer based-composite materials into a novel single/multi-source concept to harvest electrical energy from mechanical energy and/or waste heat ambient sources. (H2020_GA 862597)



InComEss EHSs involves the following smart materials developments

  • Advanced lead-free PE composite-based mono-/bi-component fibres with enhanced PE characteristics up to 100ºC/250ºC for their application into single/hybrid PE/TPE generators;
  • Innovative high-performance thermoplastic-based p-and n-type TE composites with enhanced Seebeck coefficients in the range from –25ºC up to 250ºC for their application in single/hybrid PE/TPE generators; and
  • Printable high energy density PANI/carbon-based composite electrode materials with enhanced specific capacitance and stability for their incorporation into the monolithic supercapacitor (SC) to store the energy harvested.

Live Project

The applicability of the project will be proved in key sectors and applications, SHM and vehicle monitoring in automotive, aerospace and building, presenting the highest market potential.

Three cost-effective and green Energy Harvesting Systems (EHSs) configurations will be realized through the combination of high performance piezoelectric (PE), thermoelectric (TE) and Thermo-Piezoelectric (TPE) generators and monolithic supercapacitors (SCs) to power selected wireless sensors nodes to be implemented in different IoT scenarios for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) in buildings and aircrafts and accurate location and monitoring of vehicles through GPS and MEMS sensing.